Camera: SONY DSC-H55
Aperture: f/5
Exposure: 1/125th
Focal Length: 14mm
Exif Shawna Thompson of Thompson Square! More Photos Here

Shawna Thompson of Thompson Square! More Photos Here

Katie Armiger- Unconditionally - Katy Perry Cover!

You have to love the caption they photographer posted!

17 Apr 2014, New York City, New York State, USA —- Taylor Swift is full of energy as she steps out the house today looking vibrant in all black and bright red lipstick, she even opens her own door when jumping into her ride.”

Image by © Blayze/Splash News/Corbis

Love love love the brightly colored heart sweater Taylor Swift is wearing in NYC today! Her home seems to be getting new visitors of fans who want to meet her, but Swift poses nicely for some candid shots!

04/16/14 Photos By: Splash News

@taylorswift13: I haven’t done a video blog in about 2 years but this was so much fun, I had to. 

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Rising Artist: Imaj

Country music has a new star that is quickly making a name for herself. Roxanne Vargas spoke with Imaj about her recent success and latest album.

+ Looks like @katiearmiger had a great week!!! Can’t wait to see her Friday!

Looks like @katiearmiger had a great week!!! Can’t wait to see her Friday!

Taylor Swift sure does favor Oxford pumps and she has them in a variety of colors!! They sure stand out with her pastel pants and plaid shirt! She’s also carrying a J. Mendel bag, whose design she recently rocked on the ACMs Red Carpet!

New York 04/15/14- Photos By: Splash News, FameFlyne & AKM-GSI 

Taylor Swift seen with Karlie Kloss for an evening work out in New York City. They were then seen dining at Market Table restaurant before heading back to Taylor’s apartment together. 

04/14/14- Photos By: Splash News/Pacific Coast News

Taylor Swift at a fan’s bridal shower in Ohio! Check out all the amazing photos and presents from Taylor! She was told she didn’t have time to go, but she said “No, I’m going to Ohio I can’t make the wedding & I promised her.”

She played games, face timed with friends, took photos! What a wonderful person with such a kind heart! We are blessed to have such a person to look up to!!